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Two things to remember with ALL interior parts- once they fit as you wish make sure you go round all the edges removing any sharp bits. It will mean that the trimmer has less of a headache and also that you won't risk any of your nice leather/alcantara getting split or torn. Finally, make sure that all the interior parts are initially fitted on the 'loose' side, as once trimmed it will pad it out a bit. This particularly applies to the door release handle cut-outs, centre console panel and dash vent fitment. The other point to remember is to use the very least amount of fixings that you can, and to keep them as well hidden as possible. Obviously, this applies especially to light interiors such as tan leather. I will be using black leather which is about as good as you will get for hiding small black dome-headed self-tappers.

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seats / steering wheel & gearknob / sound deadening & carpet / seatbelts
electrics / centre console / floor, centre and dash vents/ducting / gauges
door cards / dashboard / trim / rear bulkhead panel / side sills / front boot