Well.....we're finally here. 2.5 years of blood, sweat and tears. Yes I know thats a terrible cliche but so, so apt.

The pics below were taken on the 21st August 2004. I had gone to Parallel to do a couple of small jobs on the car and ended up being able to drive the car for the first time on public roads. OK, it was on trade plates and the SVA and registration were still to come but hey....what a day. These images are all 800 pixels wide and average 115k each so quite large in filesize.

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Thumbnails below were taken when I went to pick the car up having been SVA'd and registered. As these were of a fairly monumentous occasion the pics are big- 1024x768 to be exact and about 250k each. If the pics appear smaller then you have your web browser set to 'resize images to fit window'. This will also screw up the resolution. Ugly git on the left is Naz, not the handsome one on the right ;-)


Pics below were taken at my brothers house when we had a get together for my Nan's 90th birthday. Getting her into the car (and my brothers Ultima) was hilarious and had us in stitches. Also a good opportunity to get a couple of nice 'arty' shots. These are all 800x600 and around 115k~130k.


On the 29th Jan 2005 I took a gamble on it not raining. It paid off. I managed to get to a fellow builders house (Chris B) and 15 minutes later another builder I knew of from the forum (Martin Tallguy) turned up as well as a familiar name in Lambo replicas- Dave Harrison of DH Supercars and Mirage Replica fame.

Above: Chris hard at work trying to have it away with my Lambo bonnet badge :-)

We had a great time chatting about all sorts and managed to get some video footage of my car. My thanks go to Chris B for putting this 12.6Mb clip together. See if you can spot the rather aptly name side street....! Right click on the link and 'save as'.

Video clip

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